Thank You For Your Time and Ice Cream

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Funn Quizzy Answers...You need a Sense of Humor to Enter

You may think I'm boring....But I think you smell funni.

My Father thinks I am: An angel because I'm like like him when he was 15
My Mother thinks I am: An obnoxious teenager
My Brother thinks I am: A's hard to be a nice big sister
My Grandma thinks I am: A sweetheart trapped inside the spawn of satan screaming to come out....
My Grandpa thinks I am: His grandchild...he THINKS...
My Sister thinks I am: An idol (ha ha I'm worshiped...AGAIN! lol)
My best friends think I am: A whore...and something to do with 'cheese'

+your three best qualities = my eyes :-D lol, my personality and my well, nothing else.
+three worst qualities = my paranoia (everyone hates me), my self-consciousness (god I'm fat...) and my shyness/stage fright ("Hey everybody, I'm going to talk abou....*hurls*)
+three things you are often complimented for = My feet (lol that's so wrong),
my eyes (apparently their prittyful :-D) and my twisted sense of direction...i mean humor...(yeah...what she sayd)
+a compliment you got that made you blush ="The fish in your pants are lovely"
+you get embarrassed when = ...People I don't know make funn of me for things they aren't supposed to nose
+makes you happy = Music... and Dr. Jenner
+upsets you = Whores like Dogface
x. shampoo do you use = The kind in the pritty green bottle.
x. perfume do you use = I try to stay away from smelling like Teagan or my guinea rat.
x. shoes do you wear = Bottom of the line flip flops...and black boot thingys with funn rainbow laces
x. are you scared of = Those people that touch me when i'm sleeping...them and losing people that I love or care about...which has only happend what? 3 times in the last 2 months? That's got to be some kind of record...scuse me whilest I jump off my roof...

-Nicknames: Morgank Michael Stauffers, Bubbley, Sauna Now, Shanya Canoe, Enya, Wonder Mike, Frank, Carnie-hands, Jawa (yeah? so? you're a dirty canadian), Amish whore, *Michelle*, Mary (you're the Rhoda), Reject (you loser...)
-What school do you attend? Milton Highschool Cult-It has everything to do with the chainsaw massacre
-Do you wear contacts or glasses? Well...I think I left my glasses at Macinac now I wear muh contacts...and for the last frooking time...THEY AREN'T TINTED...okay? My eyes really are that color...contrary to popular belief...I didn't use crayons.
-How are you today? great, actually...i'm at that happy medium between drunk and sober...KIDDING...I haven't drank today, no need for applause...applesauce, but not applause.
-Last Dream you can remember? The one in the Wal*Mart parking lot w/ the cast of Urban Legend and the shopping cart...OH! And the one where those guys gave me their pants and Beth ran off with 3 pair...and then Sam stole our lunch tokens and...nevermind...
-If you were a crayon, what color would you be? I'd be a plethera of crayons, markers and colored pencils all microwaved on high for 7 minutes and 36 seconds. 
-Do you like to dance? I love dancing, especially because I'm terrible at it.
-What's the stupidest thing you have ever done? Everything I do is stupidd, so as soon as I become president and someone writes an autobiography about my life using the debunking process, then you'll know the stupidd stuffs...
-What do you dream about? Normally something demented cuz my brain is the one where i was held hostage in my bathroom with 300 sticks of dynamite...and the other one where pink panther chased me with a meat cleaver...

     Sport? volleyball, badmitten and that one sport where you hit stuff with other stuff...i like that game.
     Color? OrAnGe my ceiling fan's officially orange!...everybody clap and come over to see it!
     Food? TACOS! lol..specially the taco bell kind...and I LOVE fettucini alfredo...mmm...yum!
 Candy? PEANUT M&M'S....*drool*
 Beverage? pucker (any flavor's are good...specially raspberry and sour apple) and apple juice
 Ice Cream Flavor? chocolate marshmellow and blue moon

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It's muh buddios =]
Top- Becca, Shayna, Beth; Middle- Mattie, Sam, Beth and Shayna's Leg; Bottom- Bobby and Sam licking

Yeah...that was a little insight on a VERY demented mind. Hope you hold it close to you heart...closer than say, your Barrel of Monkeys (Heaven Forbid!)