Thank You For Your Time and Ice Cream

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ThE MoRgAnK PaGe...EnJoY...

Here's more than you probably want to know about me...

This is the page where I talk about myself and you sit there and scream "AHHH!! Shut up before you break my little toe!!!". Hope it touches you like your daddy does.

Here we go...screw the Pinto mobile...I'm gunna cruise the strip in my loverly 1975 Chevy Dump. My most prized possession...even though it's not mine. It will be...hell, for $500 I can win the Noble Corrupted Prize for sharing! (if you're not becca or brittany, you won't get it...) Move over Picasso! Here I come!


More Quotes =]
--Me: You gotta sing from your diaphram
    Beth: I don't have one.
--Me:I hafta take out my contacts...
  Beth: Can I watch?
--Beth: *singing lightly/dreamily* la la la la
  Me: what dude...what are you doing?
  Beth: Shh! Don't ruin the moment
--My Dad (while ordering pizza):I want a pizza with half cheese
  Pizza guy: So you want the other half just crust?
--A good fight is like a stick of broccoli, but different...

Favorite Stuff

Here are a few of my favorite worshipment...from Mike...he wants to lick my kewl is that!? I love being the Queen of Jamaica.

Favorite Music: Yellowcard, Bowling 4 Soup, Sugarcult, Hoobastank, Stabbing Westward =]
Favorite Book: Suzanne's Diary to Nicholas/ Misery
Favorite Food: Tacos and Fettucini Alfredo
Favorite People:Mike, Jessica, Case and Mattie...thanks for being there guys, whenever I need ya
Favorite Color: OrAnGe and blue
Favorite Figner: All of them, they're all carnieTV Show:
Favorite Movie: The Wedding Singer / The Boondock Saints

Favorite Quotes

...Here we go =]

--Mike: That's easier than a brandy wine sickle meister on a silver turn-a-ma-bobble
--Mike: I  was talking out loud (He meant thinkin =])
--I am a Jedi of the Far Side..
--Two penguins are in a bathtub, one turns to the other n says "pass the typewriter"
--Smell Rudi...He smells like sausage..-Tammi
--All of me is beautiful, even da ugly, stupid n nasty parts.
--Hello children and welcome to the modern art sculpture exhibit. No touching, licking,
   rubbing, feeling or tongue-ing...leave that to the teachers and guides.- famous beth
--God doesn't like me...I think it's because I'm black...-Beth
--Mike:fuck a duck
  Beth: I tried
--you better be...else ill get all yar marn pankake on your ass -Trav
--Beth:You know I wasn't allowed to leave my yard until I was 13...too many
 much traffic...
Me: live on a dead end...