Thank You For Your Time and Ice Cream

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The buddios crossed with magical mythical 3rd world beings

Here ya are...chill with my homees.


Sorry guys...I nose it's pritty scaries...but I can't help the way I look...I was born that way *cries* lol. And for the last frooking time...YESH! I DO EAT GLUE! Thank you, come time leave your wallet.

My Confirmation...and a Knife *evil grin*
Me and my beautiful cake cutting skills =]


It's Mike again!! Hi! *waves*...He's great! I loves him...right hun? We've had our share of hard times, but that doesn't stop us! I loves you soo muches sweetie...always and forever =]

Cartman's opinion matters.


This is muh good ole buddy Jesus. He's the best dancer of his Shakespeare, but different.


Dumbo's Decendant and The Toothfairy

Emu Crossing
Respect the Misled...AND THE EMUS!


Me n muh cuz, Mist, at Macinac Island
We're taking a bath together *wink wink* lol

Yay for Gerbil's and their Lime Jell-o!
I present to you the beautiful pool of jello, which all gerbilists will bathe for eternity in Heavan

"And the Gerbil King came to Hacim in a dream and said 'You were not meant to live in this atmosphere of oxygen and CO2, you were meant to live in Lime Jello. We hit two snags, however, we couldn't figure how to make you breath in it and Jello wouldn't license us to use it.'"


Underpants Gnomes!!!! Who doesn't love the underpants gnomes?? (besides Tweek...) I nose I does...and if you dont, you need to answer to the great and powerful/all-knowing, mythogical god of underpants.

If any of my friends have their own web sites, I might include links to them here.