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Drowning in the Hot Dog Flavored Water

This is a page filled with emus, fetishes and petrified bananas...Love it like I do or die.

Let's see...fetishes huh? Where do I start?! Well, school is a definite fetish of myne...*oh god shoot me now* JUST sucks. Since at the moment I'm listening to Mest...I'm obliged to add them as a fetish, along with Simple Plan and Good Charlotte. MARK HOPPUS *orgasmic sigh*...yesh, anyways, moving on. Soon below will be a picture of the much loved "Chunk" doing the "Truffle Shuffle" from the Goonies because that is definately  a fetish. Emus are of course and so are ducks. Gore could be considered a fetish (especially if my 8th grade english teacher is reading this---GORE IS NOT NEGATIVE INFLUENCE!...*coughwhorecough*

Told ya I'd get the Truffle Shuffle =]

OoOoO...petrified bananas...I think I have like 6 of them in that shoebox in my closet. Terribly sorry, I must introduce you to my shoebox. Over the past 2 years, the psycho Beth and I have been collecting various edible items that we've found in the school hallways. Our first big discovery was the PBnJ...or 'half eaten peanut butter n jelly sandwich' that we found in 8th grade. Being our sophmore year, we've come across 4 more sandwiches, 6 petrified bananas and 2 'cup of fruit'.  Of course this shoebox is duct taped closed (another fetish by the way) so that rats don't consume our box of sentimental values. I think that has something to do with us listening to "Mest"....

An example of our PB n J
This is kind of like ours...but ours are smusheder

THE GOONIES! The best movie ever!'s really not...bcuz The Breakfast Club is the best movie ever, but in all reality, it's tied with The Wedding Singer (Love Stinks!) and 10 Things I Hate about You (She hates you with the fire of a thousand suns...that's a direct quote)...I really have no life, but that's okay with me =]

^^^ This is our Peanut Butter Jelly....isn't it gorgeous!? I loves it like it was my own...even though i gots ta share it...*sniffle* BUT IT'S STILL WONDERFUL! (below) This is my other pride and joy. The petrified's so...petrified. =]

Isn't it beautiful? It brings tears to my eyes....

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