Thank You For Your Time and Ice Cream

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Muh buddios, obsessees and pimps
If you don't know who the above title is referring to....then get the hell away from my website you dirty whores! Go eat some spaghettios and call me in the morning.

The Meganh
Her usual self, disgruntled and disorientated.

Meganh Smirnoff
Yo Meganh- Van Halen is over rated lol....Karaoke at your house is the best duder. You kinda look like you do in this pic when you do karaoke to that Train song...and "Boys and Girls" cuz his type of girl always comes on her knees lmao...

Hey, Trav's gunna teach me how to dance so I don't look like you when you sing and dance to Elton John...your mom has bad taste lol. Break out the Spaghettios! I'm coming over!

Happy Child

It's really too bad that we may never know the true identity of this young child, but I must include that I am incredibly jealous of this boy and his mud. Mud...*sigh*. All I can say is...that if this was me, I'd be the happiest boy in the world. I love mud. Except...I'm not a boy...but...close enough =]

mudbath.jpg's not me...


Benji, Joel and the Gang
*Drools* home boys of Good Charlotte! Benji and Joel are my future lovers...and NO BETH...i'm not sharing lol. Just kidding, you can have them both, Brad Pitt too...him and his Fight Club hair...I've already gots my hunny =oD

I'm not shure if they're hamsters...but I love'em
*Sings and dances and pretends I'm a hamster thinger*


Mikey! Here's my buddio with his pimpin specs lol. (Told ya I'd put your pics to good use =]) You just wait til we get to go to taco bell and klepto ALL the sporks =]...are we supposed to be this messed up or are we just really lucky? lol Well, either way, call me sometimes, else the Queen of Jamaica will let loose the magical flying mice of death...this guy chris has likes to gnaw on my figner. Ahh! I loves yous hun!