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Hey look...It's Harrison Ford!...Well, my mom thinks he's hott...anyways, we saw him in New York and hung out with him, so I thought he deserved some recognition. And I wish my name was Frank.

*YaY!* No More Coldplay! *cheers*
I recommend that EVERYONE, no matter the age, go visit the by definition GODLY spork webpage by my not-so-good-buddi, Justin. He's a master. Support his work or stuff yourself with seafood. *gross*. 

The Spork- I suggest checking out the rituals =]
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...What's new? Who the hell cares!? (besides those select few ambassadors of Prussia who were into beastiality....*cringe*)



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Cuz everyone loves sporks

Don't you think that Harrison Ford would look so much better wearing this shirt? That'd be so great...then he'd be idol, of course, right next to Billy.

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